Setting up limited liability companies (LLC)

We will help you establish a limited liability company via S24 platform without leaving home!

At BiznesHub, we provide the service of setting up limited liability companies via S24 platform. Within a few days, you can operate a new company with a clean account, with no history.

In the digital age, a limited liability company can be established through via S24 platform. The portal created by the Ministry of Justice allows quick online registration. It is dedicated to entrepreneurs who do not need a personalized company agrrement, tailored perfectly to their needs and are content with the options included in the template. A ready-made template is available in the system, the content of which cannot be modified and the number of variants is limited. Compared to the cost of setting up a company at a notary, this way is definitely cheaper.

Navigating the S24 platform is not the easiest thing to do. It takes experience and skill to set up a company efficiently. When registering independently, it often happens that the application is incomplete. It then is withdrawn by the court with a request to supplement the documents, which delays the entire registration process. If you care about time and the ability to start using the company quickly, it is worth considering the option of using experienced and professional consultants. Our staff will guide you through the entire process step by step and help with any formalities.

Setting up new limited liability companies online (via S24 system)

In our online limited liability company set up service we offer:

  • mentoring conversation, during which we help determine the proper legal architecture of the company, discuss elements of commercial, civil and tax law,
  • online assistance in completing documents in the S24 system and signing them digitally,
  • online monitoring of document processing by the National Court Register (KRS).

Price: 800 PLN net + court fees (350 PLN)

By registering a company with us, you will be a subject to the following authorities

Tax Office (US) Warsaw-Wola

Złota 2D Street
01-381 Warsaw

District Court for the City of Warsaw, Warsaw in Warsaw – XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register

Złota 100 Street
00-454 Warsaw

Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) First Branch in Warsaw

Złota 6/8 Street
00-917 Warsaw

Post Office Warsaw 66

Złota 13/19 Street
00-800 Warsaw

Labor Office for the City of Warsaw

Złota 10A Street
01-402 Warsaw

Changes in limited liability companies

We also provide a service to make changes in limited liability companies in S24 / PRS / eKRS systems. They include:

  • changes to the company’s address,
  • company name changes,
  • changes to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD),
  • share capital increase,
  • changes to the board of directors and the method of representation,
  • shareholder changes,
  • changes in shareholders’ shares.

Price: 400 PLN net + court fees (300 PLN)

Setting up a limited liability company – what to prepare?

To set up a limited liability company online, you will need:

  • company name,
  • shareholder data and share distribution,
  • active account in the S24 portal,
  • qualified electronic signature or Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany).

All persons signing the company’s contract must have an active S24 account and be able to provide an electronic signature with a Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany) or qualified signature.

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Setting up limited liability companies – find out more

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