Virtual office – packages and price list

Virtual office Złota 75A in the very center of Warsaw!

95% of our customers renew their contracts

At Business Hub, we provide comprehensive services to companies from all over the country and a support to your business at the highest level. We offer a prestigious virtual address Złota 75A in in the center of Warsaw and a full range of accounting and administrative services. With our help you can effectively run your business from anywhere in the world. Our customers are happy to stay with us for the long term. We are looking forward to work with you.

Additional services

Additional mail forwarding mail by courier
40 PLN net / dispatch

Storage of a parcel
5 PLN net / day

Receipt of a letter for an employee
5 PLN net / item
10 PLN net / month – unlimited

Meeting room

1 hour
80 PLN net

4-hour package
240 PLN net

8-hour package
400 PLN net

The above prices are exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax). The fee for the non-contractual registration of the business activity at the address Złota 75A/7 7, 00-819 Warsaw and using it as an address for the company is 10 000 PLN net.

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Relevant offices

Tax Office (US) Warsaw-Wola

Złota 2D Street
01-381 Warsaw

District Court for the City of Warsaw, Warsaw in Warsaw – XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register

Złota 100 Street
00-454 Warsaw

Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) First Branch in Warsaw

Złota 6/8 Street
00-917 Warsaw

Post Office Warsaw 66

Złota 13/19 Street
00-800 Warsaw

Labor Office for the City of Warsaw

Złota 10A Street
01-402 Warsaw

Why it’s worth using virtual office services?

In Poland, every company has a requirement to register its business at specific address. We don’t always want to rent an office or register the company at our home address making it visible to anyone in public register. The solution to this provlem is an office outsourcing service, commonly named as virtual office service. By working with us, you not only get a prestigious address for your business, but also save your time and money. With years of experience, we understand the needs of our customers and we are able to meet them. Proven procedures and professional approach ensures the comfort and safety of our contractors. Feel free to contact us!

Customers about our services

Why is it worth to register a business at Złota 75A?

Prestigious address in Warsaw

Złota 75A Virtual Office is located in the very center of Warsaw, right next to famous skyscrapers. Such a recognizable location will certainly help you build a good corporate image.

Reduction of the costs of running a business

The undeniable advantage of a virtual office is its low price. With this solution, you will not have to worry about the high fees associated with maintaining your own premises – piles of bills, equipment costs or hiring staff.

No need to register your business at home

This involves a high property tax, a significant increase in the apartment’s electricity and gas fees and the risk of violating your privacy related to the obligation of publishing your home address in online databases.

Less likely to have an inspection

By registering your company in Warsaw, you are one company among many, making inspections from the tax office less frequent.

Comprehensive services at one place

Złota 75A offers a full range of services provided by professional staff, such as outsourcing office services, bookkeeping, or assistance in the establishment and registration of a company.

Meeting room in the very center of Warsaw

We also offer a meeting room, which is ideal for when you need to make a physical appearance at the office or have a conversation with an important client.

Virtual office in Warsaw – find out more

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