Online accounting

With us accounting is much simpler!

As part of the Biznes Hub, we provide online accounting office services with fully digital document workflow. Thanks to the modern IT solutions we use and positive changes in regulations, it is no longer necessary to collect paper documents. We store all documents digitally in a private cloud and they can be accessed by the people you authorize. You can send us scanned invoices and other accounting documents via accessible customer panel, any time that is convenient for you. This way you no longer have to physically deliver documents to the accounting office at the end of each month.

Full accounting

Full accounting requires a description of every expense incurred by the company. It is mandatory for commercial capital companies (joint stock companies, simple joint stock company, limited liability companies) and commercial partnerships. Our specialists will take care of the correct settlement of your company.

The scope of our services at full accounting includes:

  • setting up of customized company accounts plan and accounting policy,
  • current recording of business events in accordance with accounting principles,
  • preparation of tax declarations,
  • keeping VAT records,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and equipment,
  • peeparation of the reports to the Tax Office (US) and Social Security Insurance (ZUS),
  • preparation of annual financial reports to the National Court Register,
  • representing the client before the tax inspection authorities.

Simplified accounting

Simplified accounting is dedicated to individuals, general partnerships and partnerships. It can be accounted for through a Revenue and Expenditure Book or a lump-sum from registered income.

The scope of our services at simplified accounting includes:

  • ongoing recording of business events,
  • preparation of tax declarations,
  • keeping VAT records,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and equipment,
  • Social Security Insurance (ZUS) settlements of the company’s owners,
  • representing the client before the tax inspection authorities.

Human Resources and Payroll

Employers have obligations to the Social Security Insurance (ZUS) and Tax Office (US). By outsourcing HR and payroll services, an entrepreneur saves time.

The scope of our HR and payroll services includes:

  • preparation of payrolls and receipts for other employment contracts,
  • settlements with the Tax Office (US) and Social Security Insurance (ZUS),
  • maintaining employees personnel files,
  • preparation of tax declarations,
  • payroll accounting,
  • preparation of employment contracts, labor certificates and any other required employment-related documentation.

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Quality and responsibility

Bookkeeping is a responsibility and a series of consequences in case of negligence. On an ongoing basis, we ensure the quality and proper billing of your company in the areas of tax, HR and insurance. This way you can be sure that your company meets all formal obligations in the area of accounting.


The laws on corporate accounting change from month to month. In order to be able to provide our services in the best possible way, we are constantly improving our competence and expanding our knowledge.


“Practice makes perfect,” so we strive to gain a wide variety of experience, so that we can even better adapt to individual customer needs.


We choose the best technological solutions that bring the most benefits. We strive to introduce and implement them so that they contribute to even better, transparent accounting in the company.

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